Composer's Loft is run by Austrian music producer Michael-Alexander Brandstetter.

 Services include music for all media, music licensing and custom composed music. 



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About Michael

Born in Vienna, Austria

Composer | Audio Engineer | Musicologist


Scored his first independent film in 2004

Alumni of the University of Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts in musicology

Alumni of United Pop Akademie Vienna in audio engineering (Tonmeister) 

Founded Composer’s Loft in 2013

Participant at the NYU ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop 2014

Internship at Remote Control Productions in 2014

Moved to Los Angeles, California

First Austrian Student admitted to the screen scoring program at the University of Southern California in 2015

Awarded a mentorship with James Newton Howard

Recipient of the Betty Rose Collaboration Award and Scholarship at the University of Southern California

Assistant to Adam Schiff, Christian Lundberg and Monica Sonand at Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music from 2016 to 2017

Music Producer for Bleeding Fingers Music and Extreme Music since late 2016

Recording supervisor for Remote Control Productions at Synchron Stage Vienna

Co-founder of Music-Duo Metria Music

Composer of Theme Music and Score for Austrian Servus TV Original Meiberger: Chasing Minds

telling stories with music with his Viennese brand Composer’s Loft ever since…